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The Value of Processing

Many of you that know me, know that I love a good metaphor and/or analogy.

Here’s the one that has been dancing around in my head for a few days now:

In the last week, I have been asked by several people to help them come up with ways to move forward through this crisis in a business sense…

In my moments of fear and confusion, I have also been beautifully supported by a number of wonderful people that have very generously offered a myriad of ideas that I might want to implement to generate business for myself whilst my regular business is TEMPORARILY closed.

The FEELing that has emerged in these conversations has been ‘clunky’ and uncomfortable! I have noticed that attempting to switch my mind into a creative mode has been virtually impossible.

In those moments, I was confused, the question that kept screaming in my head was “Why can’t I create right now?!” A particularly distressing FEELing considering that creating notions and concepts is one of my favourite things to do!

This part of my mind has been offline and to a certain degree, continues to flicker on and off.

Here comes the metaphor/analogy that I promised:

I have felt as though I am (we are) currently living through an unprecedented earthquake that is STILL shaking!
It is the largest, longest continuous earthquake that I have experienced ever. And it still hasn’t let up yet!

As the pictures fall off the walls and crockery tumbles out of the cupboards and smashes to the floor, I have been trying to work out which pictures I should put back up and which crockery pattern I should go online to buy to replace the set that is STILL smashing around me!

NOW is not the time (for me anyway) to attempt to make decisions or take action on redecorating a home that is still shaking.

I am however, confident that, like a real earthquake, the shaking will stop.
I don’t know when.
I don’t know if there will be after shocks (my guess is, yes.)

Here’s the good news!
I do know that there are people all around me that are ready, willing and able to help me rebuild.
I do know that I am NOT the only one FEELing this exact same way. (An extremely rare experience that means everything right now.)
I do know that I am filled with passion and energy to be a part of the rebuilding of other’s dreams, when the time comes.

When the shaking stops.

So for now, I am giving myself permission to notice that my world is shaking AND that I am still ok.

I am giving myself permission to process without needing to choose or decide anything big or important or long-term.

Simply being OK is really important right now.

If you FEEL something similar to this, please know that you are not alone!
This FEELing is valid and ‘normal’.

And most importantly, it won’t last!

For anyone that wants to chat more about why our brains are doing this (Left brain/Right brain switching) and how to navigate the processes to gain strength with this, please PM me.

Thank you for reading this and for allowing me to share.

Stay safe and well.

*Please note: I mean no disrespect to anyone that has experienced or has been effected by the actual devastation of real earthquakes.